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If you are looking for yarn online, you have most certainly come to the right place. Here in our webshop we have all you need for your knitting and crochet projects at good prices.

We have different types of yarn in both wool and cotton and we can offer you a wide range of beautiful colours to choose from in our assortment. It does not matter if you have already decided on a specific project or if you are just looking for inspiration for a potential project. STOFF & STIL will provide you with everything you need in yarn and accessories for knitting and crochet. For us it is important to be able to offer you the very best products available on the market. You have to able to trust the products you are working with when spending so much time on your hobby.  

The knitting yarn we are offering you at STOFF & STIL cannot be found anywhere else. The yarn comes from our own brand, which allows us to select only the very best quality of yarn and sell it to you at a good price.    Here at STOFF & STIL you will find everything you need, whether it is yarn for the cold winter or yarn for a lighter summer cardigan. Without a doubt, you will find it here. We also have organic and GOTS certified yarn, which is 100 % organic and made from the best materials.

If you want to knit for babies, we recommend our lovely and soft alpaca yarn, which comes in many beautiful colours. We also have baby wool, which is perfect for making warm and comfortable clothing for the youngest ones in the family.    

We also have cotton yarn such as the tube yarn or string cotton yarn in cool colours and prints. Cotton is very durable and therefore suitable for many different types of knitting. If you want to make a soft sweater or warm socks for winter, we recommend wool yarn in merino wool, chameleon wool or mohair yarn.   

When you have chosen the yarn you need, you might want to check out all the accessories for knitting and crochet we can offer you here at STOFF & STIL. We have many different knitting needles and crochet hooks in different models. With them, you can easily start making your next project using our lovely yarn. All products in our shop have an exact instruction, so you know exactly what you are buying and can choose the right knitting needle or crochet hook for your next project.  

We always give you a discount if you buy 10 or more balls of yarn at the same time. Start your knitting or crochet adventure now with STOFF & STIL.