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BERNINA has been making sewing machines for more than 120 years. With its durability and Swiss precision, BERNINA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sewing machines.

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Here in STOFF & STIL’s webshop you can find your next – or possibly your first - sewing machine or overlock sewing machine. Our sewing machines are from the Swiss brand Bernina which is a high quality brand making some of the best sewing machines in the world. Look for the brand Bernina (or Bernette which is a part of the brand Bernina) if you only want to use the best of the best in sewing machines.   

We also have all the extras you need for your sewing machine or overlock machine. We have different types of presser foots to sew or quilt with. You can for example try a presser foot to do patchwork or to make an invisible zipper. We also have a darning foot, needle threaders and spools for your machine.

The best part is that we will always give you a good price on both sewing machines and extras. A good sewing machine is essential if you want to succeed with your sewing projects and no one should be using a lousy machine just because they cannot afford to buy a new one. Therefore, we sell our sewing machines at very reasonable prices and only select the very best sewing machines for you. These sewing machines will give you the opportunity to show your creative side with all the functions they have. With the overlock machines, you will be able to make beautiful and professional seams or adjust and improve your masterpiece, as you want it.

BERNINA and BERNETTE sewing machines

The BERNINA and BERNETTE sewing machines will give you a unique and professional feeling when you use them. Bernina from Switzerland stands for tradition, precision, high quality and a big variety of functions. The Bernette machines also belong to the Bernina family. The Bernette Seville or London sewing machines are perfect for you if you’re new into sewing. The simple functions will give you an easy and perfect start so now you do not have any excuses for not learning how to sew.

If you doubt your choice of a sewing machine or an overlock machine, you can always contact us. Then we will help you choose the right machine for you.

Welcome to our creative universe. If you wish to buy a sewing machine or overlock machine in a high quality and precision, you have most certainly come to the right place. Find your dream sewing machine here with us – STOFF & STIL.