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Organic – when you want to be creative and environmentally conscious

At STOFF & STIL we strive to deliver quality products to our customers, so they can always order great products that enable them to embark on creative projects. That's why we offer an Organic collection of organic yarn, sewing thread and fabrics that meet GOTS standards. If you're the type who enjoys being creative but also likes to create sustainable items, our Organic collection will be exactly to your taste. Here you will find beautiful, colourful and patterned fabrics for your exciting sewing projects. The collection also features colourful sewing threads to match our range of fabrics. This enables you to easily find matching materials so you can order what you need for your sewing project.

GOTS certified products

At STOFF & STIL we strive to support natural and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes without the use of harmful substances. This is why we created the Organic collection, which consists of environmentally friendly and organic yarn and thread, as well as fabrics including cotton, jersey, sweatshirt fleece, velour and rib. If you care about sustainability, our Organic collection will be to your taste. All products from the Organic collection meet the stringent GOTS requirements for production. GOTS is an abbreviation of 'Global Organic Textile Standards' – a recognised certification that is your guarantee that the product is organically produced with the environment in mind. In order for textiles to obtain this certification, they must contain at least 70% organic fibres and contain dyes that meet GOTS standards. In our Organic collection, you will therefore find only GOTS certified products, including organic yarns in neutral colours perfect for autumn and winter's thick knitwear. Here you will find both organic wool and organic cotton yarn. If you are going to knit a thick sweater, a pair of socks or a stylish scarf to keep you warm during the cold months, you will find the perfect yarn in our Organic collection. With Organic wool or cotton yarn you can knit clothing that will keep you warm when temperatures are low.  

Products for the little ones

If you are going to sew cute clothes or bedding for a child, the Organic collection offers fabrics with child-friendly designs and colours suitable for linens, decorative cushions or sleepwear. We offer fabrics including stretch jersey with an alphabet pattern, cotton with jungle animals or cotton with small clouds, as long as stock is available. For a little boy or girl, you can sew cute bedding with our lovely cotton fabric with alphabet pattern. It is available in boys' and girls' colours and will look great in the nursery.

So check out our Organic collection and order fabric, thread or yarn for your next sewing or knitting project. If you order online, we make sure to pack your order and send it off as soon as possible so that you receive it within 4-7 days. Find more information about our terms and conditions and order fabric, sewing thread or yarn today. And soon you'll be ready to start your sewing machine or get out your knitting needles.