Sequins, rhinestones and studs

Here you will find a wide range of sequins – both loose and on ribbons, rhinestones and rivets in various shapes and sizes.

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Sequins, rhinestones and rivets

Here on this page, you can explore our broad selection of sequins, rhinestones and rivets. Here at STOFF & STIL we love to make some nice hobby projects and get creative. Therefore, you can find sequins, rhinestones and rivets both loose and on a roll, as well as in different shapes and sizes. This gives you plenty of opportunity to make your own jewellery, hairbands or even decorate your clothes.

Become your own jewellery designer

Here in our web shop you can get everything you need to become your own jewellery designer. Here we have sequins, rhinestones and rivets as well as glue, thread, chains and much more. It is nice to spend some time making your own jewellery, either alone or with some friends or family. Discover our huge selection and find out what you need to get started on your project. If you need inspiration, then you could perhaps make a necklace, earrings, brooches or something completely different.

Be creative with your children

If your children like to get creative, like yourself and us, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to do something together. Doing some small projects is a great way to spend time together and even decorate your home at the same time. You can for example make some new pillows for the couch or for the bedroom. The pillows can be made to look exactly as you want them to look. This makes them personal and they will fit perfectly into your home. You can either go for some simple fabric in a colour that you like, or you can go for a wild pattern with fruits, cacti, stars or sharks - it is only your imagination that sets the limits for how your pillows will look. At STOFF & STIL we have loads of exciting and creative fabrics.

You can also make a princess-pillow, where you sew or glue some nice sequins to the fabric. This can be done in a nice pattern or along the edges of the pillow. If there Is a princess with a crown on, then you can put some golden sequins on the crown, to make it extra fancy and shiny - the possibilities are endless.

Another project could be to decorate picture frames with sequins, rhinestones or rivets. This will give the frames a creative and personal look. After that, all you need to do is find your favourite photo and place it in the frame and boom… you have just created something nice for your home. Finally, there is the opportunity to make your own clothes, shower curtain or a teddy bear. No matter what you choose to make, you will probably have lots of fun doing some hobby projects with your family. If you need further inspiration for your next project, then there is always plenty to find here on our website. You are also more than welcome to look at our catalogue, where we have gathered the latest trends and ideas.