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Felting needleholder 7 needles white 1pc

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  • Product number: 46672
  • Weight: 52 g per pcs.
  • Material values:
    • 30% Steel
    • 70% Plastic

This felting needle holder holds up to seven needles. In larger felting projects, a felting needle holder makes the work faster and easier. To change needles in your needle holder, just screw off the base. At the same time, you can choose how many needles you wish to felt with. For a small felting project, you may only need to use one needle. The more needles, the faster the felting process

You can use the felting needle holder with our felting pad or felting brush. You can use the felting needle holder with either coarse or fine felting needles and make all kinds of creative felting projects.

The felting needle holder is lockable and stores needles safely when not in use. The felting needle holder measures 10 x 3 cm. The set contains one felting needle holder and seven fine felting needles.

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