100% merino wool

Yarn of fine wool from merino sheep – so soft you’ll feel nothing but merry! You can use MERRY for projects from inner to outer layers and enjoy the creme de la creme of the wool: warmth, breathability and flexibility in the knit. So you’ll be able to pamper everyone from newborn babies to elderly uncles with cardigans, jerseys and hats. ​​​​​​​

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Merino wooL yarn

Merino wool is a very high-quality material that comes from the thick and popular merino sheep. Whether you are a knitting enthusiast or embarking on your very first knitting adventure, you are going to love working with this super soft and delicate type of yarn. Merino wool is one of the finest and most exclusive fabrics available, due to its unique shine and softness. This type of wool has long, strong fibres which make it particularly suitable for hard-wearing, supple clothing that lasts for years. A comfortable, stylish and practical choice all in one.

In FRAYA’s broad selection, you’ll find a large array of different merino wool varieties – all of them sure to please someone close to you if you choose to surprise them with a lovely hand-knitted item. Merino wool is stylish and exclusive to wear, and you can use it for knitting all kinds of clothing such as hats, sweaters or scarves. Merino wool is often used for underwear due to its soft texture.


Merino wool is available in two FRAYA yarn types. FRAYA MERRY is 100 % merino wool and comes in different colours from MERRY curry to a MERRY dusty rose melange or MERRY navy. The yardage is 50 g = 100 m. When knitting with merino wool, you’ll end up with a finished product that absorbs moisture very well and that will keep you warm in all temperatures. It is suitable for everyone from babies to outdoor enthusiasts, as it eliminates odours and adapts quickly to changes in body temperature.

FRAYA LOVELY knitting yarn is also 100 % merino wool, but is slightly thinner than FRAYA MERRY, giving a finer texture. FRAYA LOVELY is superwash-treated, meaning that you can wash it on your washing machines wool programme. What’s more, the treatment enables the fabric to withstand rain without losing shape, shine or fit. FRAYA LOVELY comes in beautiful colours. You’ll find everything from our bright LOVELY light heather melange and LOVELY rhubarb melange to the darker LOVELY dusty blue mélange to LOVELY dusty green melange – and of course many more!

What all merino wool yarn has in common is that all the clothes you create using this lovely wool will be so soft on the skin. This is your chance to make your own favourite sweater!      

Natural product

Because of its high quality, merino wool yarn is popular and in-demand all over the world. Not only is the breathable fabric healthy for your body to wear, but it’s also healthy for nature. Wool is one of the most climate-friendly types of yarn available, as it originates from animals that are part of the organic, natural circle of life, so to speak. It is not made from chemicals or any other artificial products.

Merino wool is a natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre derived from sheep and is, therefore, a highly eco-friendly option for your creative knitting projects. We guarantee that the sheep have been raised in an environmentally responsible way and has been treated well.

When you sell or give someone a knitted item made of merino wool, you can relax in the knowledge that the product or gift you have given both sustainable and luxurious at the same time.      

Be inspired

You can learn more about FRAYA merino wool yarn on this page, where you can read about the qualities of the wool and where it originates from as well as find technical instructions on how to knit with it (for example needle size) and how to treat the finished product afterwards (for example washing instructions).

To inspire you to challenge yourself and your knitting skills and provide you with ideas for innovative, unique projects, FRAYA has made some free patterns available to download. Under merino, you can find the patterns for making cute baby tights, soft grey hats, socks in small sizes and cosy jumpers in twisty patterns.

Knitting has bounced back onto the fashion scene recently, and more and more people are taking up knitting and trying their luck with self-made clothing. Mass-produced factory items simply can’t compare with the symbolic value of wearing and giving away something handmade with all the blood, sweat and tears that go with it! With merino wool yarn, you’ll not only get pleasure from the knitting process itself, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of working with a yarn that does not harm biodiversity or nature in any way.

If you browse the webpage, you’ll also find other types of wool such as organic or alpaca. Note that the quality varies from type to type, so make sure to select the quality that will be the best match for your dream project!