100% acrylic​​​​​​​

When you need a strong and long-lasting yarn for your projects, this is the answer to your prayers. STRONG FRAYA keeps both its colour and shape, and it has a lovely shine. More than perfect for Christmas ornaments, pixies or cute pompoms, and whatever else your creative ingenuity can dream up.

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Do you like to be creative and make some nice hobby projects? At FRAYA you can find everything you need for projects both big and small. In our large selection of products, you will among other things find different types of yarn. On this web page, you will find all of our acrylic yarn in all the colours of the rainbow. If you do not know what exactly acrylic yarn is or what to do with it, then you can read more about it here.

What is acrylic yarn?

At FRAYA you can get STRONG acrylic yarn, that is both nice and soft, and made of 100% acrylic. Normally one of the negatives of acrylic yarn is that it becomes electrostatically charged very easily. Our acrylic yarn is treated in such a way that this static electricity is minimized. This makes it a lot more comfortable to wear clothing made from acrylic yarn and neither will your hair become electrostatically charged. Our selection of acrylic yarn weighs 100g per 340 metres. Furthermore, we have a colour for every taste.

Why choose acrylic yarn over the other types?

Acrylic yarn is very easy to work with. This makes it perfect for both beginners and more experienced knitters. Acrylic yarn is hollow in structure, which makes it heat-insulating. Therefore, acrylic yarn is a great choice for making winter clothes, because it is both soft and warm. This means that acrylic yarn is perfect for making hats, gloves and scarves for the entire family. Other than that, you can make pillows, blankets and more for those who may be allergic to wool. If you know someone like that, then acrylic yarn is the perfect material for them. Compared with natural types of yarn, acrylic yarn is very elastic and better able to withstand things like oil, chemicals and moths. On top of that, acrylic yarn is also cheaper to buy and much lighter. Another wonderful thing about acrylic yarn is that the colours do not tend to rub off on furniture and your other clothes. Lastly you can wash it again and again without ruining the fit and the yarn is also allergy-friendly. The benefits are many, so perhaps you should choose acrylic yarn for your next project? You can view our large selection right here.

Need inspiration?

FRAYA are always happy to answer your questions and get you started on your project. We love to get creative too, so just pop into one of our shops if you need any help. Here you will be met by our skilled and helpful staff. On our website, there is also a lot of inspiration to be found, so please take a look around. When looking at some of our acrylic yarn, you will also see some ideas of what to do with it. Furthermore, you can read about how to wash it and treat it carefully. Lastly you can also learn about the characteristics of the yarn and other nice-to-know information before you get started on your project.