100% merino wool

Yarn of fine wool from merino sheep – so soft you’ll feel nothing but merry! You can use MERRY for projects from inner to outer layers and enjoy the creme de la creme of the wool: warmth, breathability and flexibility in the knit. So you’ll be able to pamper everyone from newborn babies to elderly uncles with cardigans, jerseys and hats. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​The yardage of this yarn is 100 m per 50 g. The recommended gauge is 18 stitches x 25 rows for 10 cm/ 4" on 4.5-5.5 mm/ UK size 5-7  needles.

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Freya merry

Have you been dreaming of a new knitting challenge? FRAYA MERRY’s 100% merino wool yarn comes in a variety of colours with intriguing names like: MERRY dusty rose melange, MERRY curry, MERRY dark caramel melange and many more.

MERRY is the slightly more robust merino wool yarn that FRAYA offers alongside its finer-textured yarn called LOVELY, which can also be found through this webpage. Texture apart, what all merino wool yarn has in common is that anything you create using this beautiful wool will be wonderfully soft, comfortable on the skin and a real treat to wear!