100% cotton. cotton 8/4

A lovely, good quality cotton yarn like this is nothing to sneeze at. And, of course, the colour range is a mirror image of the entire rainbow, because we all need a bit of colour to celebrate. For example, use it for washcloths, children’s knitwear, or crochet an entire zoo as a gift for your second cousins husbands nephew – he will love you!​​​​​​​

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COLOURFUL 8/4 cotton yarn is great for all your knitting and crochet projects. Cotton yarn is soothing against the skin and durable if you wash and treat it correctly. Along with FRAYA COLOURFUL, we offer more cotton yarns for your various needs. If you need more warmth in the winter months, for example, we have BLENDED cotton-wool yarn to keep you cozy.

COLOURFUL yarn comes in every colour from greys, browns and blues -- which are ideal for autumn -- to yellows, greens and reds -- which are great for a summer top. Regardless of the project, you can be assured that our cotton yarn is a safe choice for any level of experience.