Crochet hooks

It’s okay if all you did today was crochet. Time well spent! Find new crochet hooks right here, including products from addi, the German company that makes high-quality hooks with a focus squarely on perfect ergonomics. Check out addi Knooking Hook, a tool that makes it easy to combine knitting and crochet – very clever!

Crochet hooks
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At FRAYA, we have all kinds of crochet hooks from the classic styles to new ergonomically shaped handles. Use these crochet hooks to crochet all kinds of new projects. Whether you’re planning a new crochet pattern or want to freestyle with some brand new FRAYA yarn that you’re excited about, you can find the tools you need here.

For beginners, we recommend a comfortable ergonomic crochet hook. The handles on these needles are designed to fit the curves of your hand so you can crochet non-stop all day long without getting aches and cramps.

If you’re used to the classic shape, don’t worry. We have plenty of those too. You’ll also find some circular crochet needles. Like circular knitting needles, these crochet hooks are attached with a very long loop which is ideal for crocheting long/large projects without bunching up your stitches or running out of space.

The complete crochet hook collection includes crochet needles from addi and Prym. We’ve selected these brands for their high quality and great designs, so that you can trust and rely on your crochet hooks from FRAYA.

Crochet Hook Sizes

Crochet hook sizes are usually measured with a letter and number (US sizes) or just a number (UK sizes) but we’ve chosen to list our crochet hooks in millimetres. This figure refers to the diameter of the crochet hook shaft and will enable you to quickly work out what size it is in UK or US charts or visualize the size at home just using a ruler!

We have many crochet projects and patterns waiting for you to start. The exact crochet hook sizes you need will be clearly outlined in the pattern. If you’re not using a FRAYA pattern, then you might need to use a size guide.

Our hook collection starts with sizes as small as 1mm. This size crochet hook is usually made of steel and referred to as a thread hook. It is used with very fine crochet and yarn threads to make intricate and lacey crochet items.

The largest hook size available at FRAYA is 12mm, which is ideal for large or jumbo-sized crochet patterns where you want to have a large, defined weave.

Once you’ve settled on the right size, all you need to do is select a material. Plastic is the most affordable needles tend to feel nice in your hand. Steel hooks are the most durable and should be your top choice if reliability is your main priority! At FRAYA, we ensure that no matter the material, we only sell top-quality and well-made crochet hooks.

Shopping Crochet Hooks with FRAYA

Buying crochet hooks from FRAYA is very easy. Maybe too easy! You’ll be tempted to buy more crochet hooks than you already planned. And why not? All our crochet hooks are made to last and will be perfect for all the crochet projects you’ve been dreaming about.

Besides the normal crochet hooks, we also have a selection of Tunisian crochet hooks. These hooks are more elongated compared to the original and are the perfect tool for Afghan crocheting. If you need some help working out what crochet needle type and size you need for your specific project, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help.

At FRAYA we have a fantastic range of crochet hooks to browse. Scroll back up now to see the full range! Whether you’re buying just 1 or a whole set of crochet hook sizes, we can help. Contact us at FRAYA for help or head to the checkout now to start your new yarn project.