Linen look

Here you will find a wide range of linen-look fabrics that look like linen in terms of their weave and base colour. Available in both plain and printed versions.

Linen look
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Linen look material

Don’t be fooled! Although this fabric looks and feels like linen, it is in fact not. Our linen look material at STOFF & STIL is a fantastic, affordable alternative to traditional linens. Not only does it feel thick and strong like linen, it’s actually much harder to crease. This medium weight material is an essential sewing fabric that every seamstress should have at their disposal.

Whether you’re upholstering furniture, creating thick winter curtains or simply want to craft vintage style skirts and trousers, there’s a linen look material available here.

Traditional linen colours from off cream to undyed shades are available, plus modern prints and colours that will look adorable as cushions, curtains and even kitchen aprons.

Fresh Linen Look Fabric Qualities

Linen look material has a sturdy yet soft feel. It’s malleable and versatile, making it an ideal material for many craft projects! It won’t easily fray and can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine.

  • Modern designs and colours available from geometric prints to natural shades of cream.
  • Perfect weight and style for home décor items including pillows and curtains!
  • 100% cotton and cotton polyester mix fabrics available to buy per metre.
  • Medium-weight, strong, machine washable and much more affordable than traditional linen materials too!

Whether you need several metres to create some beautiful blinds for your conservatory, or just a quarter metre for making a new cushion cover, STOFF & STIL are at your service. Simply type in how much fabric you need before adding the linen look material to your basket.

Are you looking to make a new tablecloth? Linen-look material is perfect. It’s not as easily creased as real linen plus you can simply throw it in the washing machine to erase any food stains. We are also proud to offer you our own tablecloth sewing services! Unique to STOFF & STIL, just tick the “Yes please, sew this fabric like a tablecloth” and job done. You’ll receive your new table cloth pre-sewn.

Buy Linen Look Material at STOFF & STIL

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than STOFF & STIL. Why not use our black abstract print linen look fabric to make a footstall cover? Or how about using our linenlook material with black notes for making a soft fabric bag for your kid’s recorder, flute or other musical instrument?

The possibilities are endless! With low prices per metre, you can buy a selection of linen look materials ahead of time. It’s always a good idea to have a supply of plain fabrics right at your fingertips at home – then you can start your next sewing project as soon as inspiration hits you!Don’t forget that we offer fast shipping! We expertly cut and package your chosen fabric the day after you’ve ordered it. If you need any assistance with selecting a fabric, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team too.For a selection of high quality linen look materials, make sure that STOFF & STIL is always your first port of call.