Here, you find our fine selection of jersey – a knittet quality in a thin yarn with clear differences in plain and purl knitting. Jersey is perfect for T-shirts and airy clothing, and you can find the quality in an ocean of lovely colours and prints.

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Jersey Fabric

Ultra-soft, stretchy and warm. Jersey fabric is perfect for creating comfortable clothes in bold colours and prints! It’s thin, strong and easy to cut and sew. From block coloured jersey fabrics to intricate floral prints and modern motifs, all available by the metre. Find a beautiful selection of jersey fabric prints here for all crafts projects.

Here at STOFF & STIL we have a wide range of jersey fabrics. Jersey material is a soft fabric, which is very comfortable and therefore perfect for clothing. We have a wide range of different colours and prints suitable for both children and adults. We have prints with many details but also more neutral and classic prints. Here at STOFF & STIL you will find some of the most beautiful prints on the market.

The wonderful world of Jersey Fabric

Jersey is often knitted using a thin yarn, producing a lovely, soft fabric. Here you will find a whole host of jersey fabrics, plain, marl and printed, for children and adults. The prints are both regular rotary prints (limited number of colours) and digital prints with lots of details and a wealth of colours.  

Jersey fabric can be used for both clothing and interior such as bed linen and cushions for your sofa. Jersey has an attractive price per meter and is durable even if you wash it many times.

All jersey fabrics contain elastane, which gives the jersey fabric a stretchy effect. This means that the fabric will look nice on your body without feeling stiff or uncomfortable. All jersey fabrics come with a detailed description of how to wash the fabric, how much it shrinks in wash, material values, width and weight. Some of the jersey fabrics are even organic and good for allergies.

The jersey fabrics are easily combined with other types of fabrics – only your fantasy puts an end to the opportunities. You can find inspiration for your next sewing project in our wide selection of patterns or in our catalogue. We have all you need in fabrics, thread and other sewing accessories.

More about Jersey Fabric

Jersey fabric is often the material of choice for creating jumpers, pyjamas, soft baby clothing and cosy autumn/winter wear. It’s soft against your skin, comfortable for long periods of time. You’ll also find that it’s stretchy and allows you to move easily with it.

Jersey fabric is usually made of cotton or synthetic fibres combined with elastane. Some jersey fabrics also contain wool fibres, as traditional jersey would. Because the fabric contains elastane to make it stretchy, you’ll need to use stretch needles on your machine to ensure your hems stay put! You can find all the tools you need for stitching your new jersey fabric here at STOFF & STIL.

Jersey Fabric Sewing Ideas

Need some inspiration? If our colourful and varied designs don’t spark an idea, consider these projects.

Women’s pants - soft stretchy jersey fabric is ideal for women’s trousers that give space and a lot of comfort. Pick bold colours or play it safe with black or grey.

Jersey dresses for kids – perfect for every season. Use warm colour shades to create a jersey fabric dress with a loose fit for your child.

Skirt with cross cutting – use pastel and light shades for jersey fabric skirts for kids. Use our pattern right here and create some cute designs.

Shop Jersey Fabric at STOFF & STIL

Shopping at STOFF & STIL gives you so much freedom! Will you buy metres and metres of your favourite jersey fabric designs? Or do you just need a fat quarter’s worth of jersey to finish your latest crafts project? Ordering as much or as little as you need is simple.

We would love to help you find the right materials for your next sewing project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products. We are sure that we can help you find something you like.  

Browse our jersey fabric now and don’t forget to stock up on sewing accessories while you’re here!