Knitted jacquard

Here you will find knitted jacquard fabrics for both home furnishings and clothing.

Knitted jacquard
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Knitted jacquard

Knitted jacquard fabric is made specially to create that iconic raised pattern design. Although textured, knit jacquard can be very light and drape-like, depending on the thickness of the material.

Likewise, it can also be sturdy and warm if the weave is made from a stronger yarn.

Here at STOFF & STIL we have a wide selection of knitted jacquard fabric. From modern patterns and light weaves for stitching winter dresses and creating jumper layers, to thick fabrics with Ottoman designs and block colours, ideal for throws, warm quilts and pillow covers.

If you have a project in mind or are just looking to stock up on warm, winter fabrics for your end-of-year craft projects, make sure you order ample knitted jacquard!

Cosy Knitted Jacquard Fabric Qualities

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to using knitted jacquard fabric! Whether you opt for traditional uses, including dresses and cardigans, or try some of our modern looks for creating up-to-date home décor, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the vivid colours and quality of the material.

  • Warm, cosy, midweight fabric perfect for clothing and soft furnishings.
  • Fantastic value for money when ordering per metre or custom amounts!
  • Beautiful selection of modern, plain and traditional designs with flat and ribbed textures.
  • Breathable knitted jacquard fabric is made from eg. a mix of lightweight cotton and polyester materials or viscose.

For a completely unique idea, try using any of our fabrics to make different sized bags! Fabric bags are lightweight and suited for carrying clothes for travel. Why not make mini make-up bags to match a large carry-on bag?

You could even make cosy jumpers for your pets!

Buy Knitted Jacquard at STOFF & STIL

If you’ve opted for some of our gorgeous stretch knitted jacquard fabric, you will need special elastic needles that will hold the fabric sturdy while you sew on your sewing machine. You can find these elastic needles and a variety of other sewing machine needles that you can stock up on at STOFF & STIL.

Our fabrics are all available to purchase per metre. If you need less than a metre, that’s no problem. Simply enter the amount you need into the box before adding the material to your basket. Our customer service is available to help you with any questions or queries. Our aim at STOFF & STIL is to provide you with high-quality fabrics for affordable prices, in the quantities you need, and with reliable delivery!

Browse our jacquard knitted fabrics now to get started on your next craft project.