Design pieces

Be inspired by our wide range of design pieces. You can, for example, make bed linen, curtains, decorate a wall, make a notice board or sew cushions for the home. Design pieces can also be used for clothing, e.g. tops, blouses and dresses.

Design pieces
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Design pieces

Our wide selection of design pieces is the definition of varied! From stitch-it-yourself patterns for clothes and costumes to modern digital prints for making bed sheets, cushions and even tapestries!

Whether you’re looking for an inspirational design to kick start your next sewing project, or need to find that perfect signature item to tie together your current materials and craft accessories, you can find exactly what you need here.

Not only are our design pieces a fantastic way to add a little personality to your next sewing adventure, but they’re also fantastic value for money. High-quality, unique design pieces and reasonable prices. What’s not to love?

Wide Selection of Unique Design Pieces

Don’t have a specific craft project in mind? No problem! Just browse through our selection of varied design pieces and you’re bound to be hit with inspiration.

  • Varied selection of design pieces from fabrics to prints to rugs and dolls.
  • Themed items including Christmas prints, kids’ items, modern designs and quirky images!
  • Soft fabrics including cotton, linen and jersey.
  • All the base fabrics, tools and accessories you need to make our design pieces into something new are available in one place – right here at STOFF & STIL.

Why not use our design pieces to redecorate your home? Try the knitted jacquard mocca square and grey zigzag fabrics to make modern yet feminine pillows. You can add a variety of textures by using our green sequin fabric too. Create a pillow with sequins on both sides or just one side with a contrasting colour cotton canvas on the other.

You could also use our Christmas themed design pieces for making gifts for friends and family! Instead of using our printed fabrics for pillows, why not order multiple of each and create a Christmas patchwork quilt? Or, order our digital print teddy elf girl and boy. You can stitch them up yourself to decorate your home, send them to your nieces and nephews, or even purchase sewing thread, fabric and needles to package with the designs – perfect for sending as a mini craft kit to your crafty relatives or friends!

Buy Design Pieces at STOFF & STIL

When you make pillows, duvets, clothing, rugs and cushions for the first time, things can go wrong. It happens to every crafter! That’s why we advise you to buy plain white poplin or cotton fabric as well as your design pieces. This allows you to have a go at stitching your design on white fabric as a practice. Then, when you come to sewing with your design pieces, you won’t make any mistakes.

You can find everything from needles to thimbles to thread and matching cotton for your design pieces at STOFF & STIL. Don’t stop browsing until you have everything you need to make your idea a reality in your basket!