Denim in different qualities (oz = ounce) and shades. Our range spans from the lightweight denim fabrics (low ounce), which are particularly suitable for clothing, to the heavy denim fabrics (high ounce), which are also suitable for the home and interiors.  Please note that denim should always be washed before use to avoid rub-off.

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Denim Fabric

Discover a great selection of denim fabrics in different colours, patterns and weights. From lightweight denim for sewing the perfect pair of jeans to heavy jean fabric you can use for quirky upholstery projects. Buy your denim from STOFF & STIL and don’t forget to give it a good wash before use!

We have a wide range of denim fabrics. We have different types of denim in different tones and qualities with both low and high ounce. We have lighter denims and darker denims so you can find a denim fabric, which suits your style.  And denim in different qualities (oz = ounce) and shades.

Our range spans from the lightweight denim fabrics (low ounce), which are particularly suitable for clothing, to the heavy denim fabrics (high ounce), which are also suitable for the home and interiors.  Please note that denim should always be washed before use to avoid rub-off.

Denim is timeless and always fashionable so this fabric can never be a wrong choice. Our selection of denim fabric includes stretch jersey in denim look, which is a fantastic fabric to use for a pair of comfortable tights suitable for both adults and children.

We also have cotton chambray, which is a weave fabric woven with yarn. It is often confused with denim fabric since these two fabrics look much like each other. Cotton chambray is a great alternative to regular denim fabric if you want to try something new. This fabric can both be used for clothing and bed linen.

What to Use Denim For

Denim looks good used for pants, dresses and skirts and the fabric suits most other fabrics and colours. You can use all of our denim fabrics for clothing or for things in your home like pillow cases or laptop covers.

All denim fabrics have a detailed description when it comes to how to wash the fabrics and we also give you some inspiration on what to use the fabrics for. The denim fabric can easily be mixed with other fabrics and you can put your own personal touch on your hobby and sewing projects by mixing different fabrics and materials together.

Remember to wash the denim fabric before using it because of colour contamination. The denim fabrics can be washed normally by 40 degrees in the washing machine.

What is denim fabric made of?

Denim fabric is made of cotton. The same cotton plant that makes soft cotton t-shirts also makes stiff, firm denim. It’s all down to how the cotton is woven and knitted together and the thickness of the cotton thread.

Many denim clothing items nowadays are made to stretch, feel soft or be extra durable. We can achieve this by blending in stretchy fabrics with the cotton when making denim. Stretch denim jeans, for example, often contain elastane as well as cotton. This allows the jean to stretch over your skin and then return to its original shape once taken off or washed.

Denim fabrics are also died dark colours and will bleed the first time they are washed. So, make sure you wash your denim material before you start sewing with it and wash any garments you make with denim inside out and with similar colours in the washing machine.

What kind of fabric is denim?

Denim is a tough and durable fabric. Even the lightweight denims are quite stiff compared to other cotton materials. Generally, denim is not opaque but if super lightweight denim is bleached or dyed white, it can take on that property.

Stretch denim tends to be quite thin and light, as elastane won’t be strong enough to allow super thick denim to stretch. If you are using a stretch denim fabric in your project, don’t forget to pick up some of STOFF & STIL’s needles! Stretch needles are essential for sewing stretch fabrics with a sewing machine. For thicker denim you will also need stronger needles.

What is the difference between jeans and denim?

The difference is simple.

Jeans – the name of the trousers made out of denim fabric. Different styles of jeans use different denim blends and cuts, but they all use denim nonetheless.

Denim – the name of the fabric used to make jeans. It was jeans that made denim famous, but denim is used for much more than just jeans!

With a metre of denim from STOFF & STIL, you could make jeans, a denim jacket, a denim bag, or even upholster stools to create modern-feeling breakfast bar area! Not all our denim is suitable to make into jeans, as some of it is very tough and strong. Always check the weight of the fabric at STOFF & STIL.

350gsm is the usual weight of denim and is good for sewing jeans. For lightweight summer jeans, look for lower weights. Heavier denim fabrics (we have some over 500gsm (10oz)) are more suited for upholstery but can be made into tough, thick, winter jeans with a little work!

Is denim a knit or woven fabric?

Denim is a woven fabric. The way the threads are woven in a twill design creates a very fine, tight ribbed effect with diagonal lines – take a close look at your own jeans to see the pattern! It’s woven using 2 threads, a warp thread and a weft thread. The warp thread is usually dyed and shows on the outside of the denim fabric while the weft thread is undyed and shows as white or a paler blue colour on the inside of the fabric or jeans.

Use a strong thread for sewing and hemming your denim fabric so it doesn’t fray.

Buy denim fabric at STOFF & STIL!

Have you seen our excellent customer reviews? Don’t just take our word for it, read them for yourself and check out our great score on Trustpilot. At STOFF & STIL, creating a great customer experience is part of what we do. That’s why we have a great selection of denim fabrics available to buy per metre. This gives you the flexibility to order small quarter-metre samples or vast quantities for your sewing projects.

You can find inspiration for your next big project in our catalogue, which we are very proud of here on our webpage. We also have patterns, where you can choose what kind of fabric you want to use.

Find out more about shopping with STOFF & STIL by contacting our customer service.

Welcome to our creative universe – STOFF & STIL.