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spring/summer 2019

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Highligts from the new season

This season sees the advent of a number of new trends. Warm caramel browns, rouge and burnt tones are everywhere. They bring a warm glow to fashion and interior décor. Use golds on their own or mix them with a cheeky yellow or cobolt blue to create a fresh and trendy look.

This season's collection also includes a cornucopia of beautiful prints, e.g. tropical palms with exotic animals and birds, and there are floral prints everywhere.

Great news for the Spring wardrobe

Enter a new season with trendy checks and beautiful prints ​​​​​​​

Set the scene for beautiful open air dining with your family and friends this Summer

We love prints

Enchanting news for the kids' wardrobe

Great selection of lovely fabrics, fine pastels and cool patches ​​​​​​​

Go explore all the exciting news for the babies and toddlers ​​​​​​​

Dainty prints for the cutest princesses

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